We offer consulting services to family owned companies and their owners in the fields of corporate and tax law. We advise our clients in particular in the following areas:
  • Succession in ownership and management
    Resolving issues with regard to succession in ownership and management is one of the most important tasks in family owned companies. Ownership and management succession must be properly planned well at the rigth time to avoid risks to the enterprise. We show our clients how they can arrange the succession in an optimal way to secure the successful continuation of their enterprise.

  • Ownership conflicts
    When the second or third generation of a family has taken over an enterprise, disputes often arise between the owners which can ultimately jeopardize the business. We have a lot of experience in resolving such conflicts. In some cases it is sufficient to revise the Articles of Association or Partnership Deed. In other cases establishing a supervisory board or splitting the enterprise is the best solution. Frequently the dispute can only be resolved by selling the interest of one owner to another or by selling the whole enterprise.

  • Transactions
    This area covers Mergers & Acquisitions as well as going public. When clients wish to sell their enterprise, we strive for them to maximise the purchase price and we develop individual solutions with regard to the commercial, legal and tax implications if they want to buy a company.

  • Reorganisation
    If an enterprise grows, the structure has to be adapted. A change in the legal form might be necessary or the Articles of Association or Partnership Deed have to be revised. In other cases a holding structure has to be implemented. With our vast experience in corporate and tax law, we develop suitable structures for our clients´ enterprises.

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